Phil Stockton

Founding Director & Principal Consultant

Phil Stockton began his scientific career as a chemical engineer, working for a number of major contracting and operating companies throughout the UK.

Before founding Accord Energy Solutions Ltd with James Arthur and Alan Spence, Phil was Technical Director of Smith Rea. As part of the management team, Phil was responsible for the growth and transformation of the company into the leading independent hydrocarbon-allocation service provider to the UK oil and gas industry and, increasingly, overseas.

Phil is committed to moving the discipline of hydrocarbon allocation forward. A member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, Phil has developed and presented several papers on the subject at conferences around the world. He has also explained the ‘mysteries of oil and gas accounting’ to a more general audience though articles in the local press.

Phil’s mastery of both chemistry and mathematics have led to his main areas of expertise: the development and analysis of allocation regimes and their detailed allocation equations; the delivery of software systems and associated testing and troubleshooting; and the preparation of studies examining the impact of new entrants, process modifications and changes in methodologies on allocation systems.

As a Principal Consultant, he contributes his substantial skills to projects with Nexen, Total, Maersk and Apache.

As a Founding Director, Phil focuses mainly on the Allocation side of Accord’s growing business.

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