James Arthur

Founding Director & Principal Consultant

James Arthur has built his career on the expert analysis, management and implementation of hydrocarbon accounting systems. Prior to becoming a Founding Director of Accord, James worked at software-service provider Logica (now CGI) and the Energy Components vendor TietoEnator (Tieto). He also spent five years as Manager and Principal Consultant at Smith Rea.

With a background in Physics (Imperial College, London) and Computer Science (Edinburgh University), James takes care of the systems-delivery side of Accord’s business. In recent years, the majority of his consulting work has been dedicated to Shell, where he has led international teams delivering Energy Components to Shell’s global operating units.

As a Principal Consultant James specialises in the business areas of well allocation, contract administration and enterprise reporting. In project-lifecycle terms, he has extensive experience in business analysis, deployment strategy and project management.

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