Allan Wilson

Senior Consultant

Allan holds a B. Sc. In Physics and Astronomy and a Ph. D. in Experimental Particle Physics from Glasgow University. He joined Accord in 2012 having started his career at Logica in 1997 before joining Smith Rea in 2007.

Allan’s roles have varied over time but started in system delivery of hydrocarbon accounting and commercial gas systems where he has experience in all stages of the software lifecycle. At Accord, Allan’s work has broadened to include allocation engineering where he has defined allocation schedules for multiple North Sea assets and advised clients on changes to existing systems to accommodate new tie-backs or changes in operational circumstances.

Allan enjoys applying physics and maths to allocation and measurement problems, particularly on the application of data reconciliation and gross error detection techniques to allocation systems. He has authored and co-authored papers at the North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop and is the Company Supervisor on Accord’s second KTP with Robert Gordon University. Along with Phil Stockton and Richard Steven (at DP Diagnostics), Allan is a co-inventor of Oculus, a patent-pending approach to reduce flow measurement uncertainty in differential pressure meters with three pressure tappings.

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