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Whilst it is attractive to assume that this function will be well understood and implemented throughout the industry, this does not always prove to be the case.

All too often, as a result of audits or producer concerns, we identify situations that result in significant leakage of value. Typically these include:

  • Measurement systems that have failed to provide accurate quantity or quality data
  • Allocation rules that are inequitable
  • Quality banks and value adjustment mechanisms that are no longer representative
  • Allocation computer systems that have been corrupted or incorrectly programmed
  • Disconnects in the reporting chain

At Accord Energy Solutions we can help you identify problems and also help you rectify them but what we really like to do is help you get it right first time. Getting it right first time eliminates value leakage, avoids the costs associated with rectification and prevents loss of reputation.

Our breadth and depth of experience across the full spectrum of hydrocarbon accounting disciplines ensures we can provide a comprehensive, efficient and integrated service.