At Accord we understand why measurement uncertainty is important and, just as importantly, when it is meaningful to the initial project design and through the operational phase of a field development.

In essence there are two phases during the life of a field where the measurement uncertainty of a system is truly meaningful or should be examined.

The Project Design Phase:

We need to be able to demonstrate that a particular measurement system design will be able to perform within agreed tolerances set out within government regulations or contractually binding commercial agreements.

This means that a measurement uncertainty estimate is usually a requirement at the front end engineering design stage of a project (FEED).

The Operational Phase:

If there is a change in operating conditions such as:

  • A significant increase or decrease in flow rate
  • A significant change in operating pressure or temperature e.g. compressor re-wheel
  • A change in the product being measured such as it’s chemical composition
  • The introduction of a new field within a hub

Or if there is any other change in operation, which may affect the measurement system, you should revisit the design measurement uncertainty calculation to determine if the measurement system will be capable of performing within the required tolerances after the change has been made.


The ongoing performance of a measurement system is more usually assured by the verification and calibration of the individual system components (instruments and flow meters). If a verification and calibration program shows that the individual instruments and flow meters are performing within agreed tolerances then we may be confident that the overall system is performing within the required measurement uncertainty tolerance.

Accord’s acknowledged expertise in the area of measurement uncertainty has resulted in us delivering a wide range of uncertainty calculations for specific installations and operation conditions to clients on a global basis.

Given that the design of each measurement system is in some way unique for it’s required service, an uncertainty estimate (calculation) needs to be specific for each installation.

Our approach and service provision is tailored for the needs of individual clients which range from:

  • Carrying out uncertainty studies, developing uncertainty estimates, providing reports and recommendations
  • Developing and delivering one, or a suite of, bespoke uncertainty calculations for a clients own use.
  • Training of staff members in measurement uncertainty methods and statistics e.g. Root Sum Square and Monte Carlo techniques
  • Training of staff members to understand an uncertainty budget and how to ensure traceable and meaningful results are achieved

The training of staff who may be involved with measurement uncertainty is essential in demystifying the purpose of measurement uncertainty estimates and the statistical concepts and methods involved in calculating these estimates.

Accord has a rewarding history of leadership in the field of measurement uncertainty; challenging perceived norms to find the value to be obtained through improved measurement options and solutions.

Our ongoing commitment to improving the understanding of measurement uncertainty can be seen within the range of technical papers we have published and presented to industry and which are available for download.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of our capabilities and service provision please get in touch.