Finding a simple, cost-effective and configurable software system to meet the wide-ranging requirements of our business and our customers’ business proved difficult.

To fill this gap, Accord set about creating ReCCORD, a logging product that is flexible, lightweight, fast and easy to use. ReCCORD is in use by a number of our clients and we use it extensively to support our business.

The first application of ReCCORD was as a metering logbook. Within the metering community, regulators require a logbook to be maintained for every facility; tasks such as maintenance, calibration and equipment replacement must be recorded. Paper logbooks are still in widespread use. A logbook is generally kept on site at a facility and is prone to being misplaced or damaged. It can be difficult to maintain with facilities becoming unmanned, maintenance activities being carried out remotely and time pressures to complete work.

ReCCORD has been further developed and is now in widespread use as a general purpose logbook. Applications include:

  • Operations log – incident recording, automated shift handover notes, audit trail of actions taken e.g. mismeasurement management;
  • Project delivery log – issue tracking, action management, project decision recording, work item progress reporting;
  • Software implementation log – full visibility of bugs and enhancement requests, implementation lifecycle management, test records.

ReCCORD has several key features to support these operations:

  • Indelible log records: Records may be updated and a complete, timestamped history with comments is available and easy to access.
  • Configurable workflow: Log entries can have a lifecycle defined. For example, an entry can be created with a status “Open” and be moved to “In progress” and “Closed” as it is addressed. This workflow is completely configurable for each type of log item being recorded. This configuration allows very complex workflows to be set up to exactly meet the needs of the business context.
  • Attachments can be added to entries: This allows the storing of calibration certificates, screenshots, spreadsheets, test evidence or any other artefacts that make the record richer.
  • Full front-end configuration: The tool provides screens for the super-user to set up all logging points, categories and groupings. The software allows hierarchies to be configured which can then be used to group log items into meaningful levels.  For example, an implementation may build a hierarchy based on areas and assets, or departments, or software products.
  • Fully configurable security model: The security set-up allows access to be segregated between users and creation of read-only users. The hosted environment means that where applicable, selected, secure access can be granted to external parties without the need for internal access to the organisation file system.  Automated emailing is also available.
  • Flexible reporting: The reporting functionality is driven directly from the configuration and can be used to generate Excel or PDF reports. This allows action logs, shift handover notes, audit reports to be easily generated.  By setting up hierarchies and categories, reporting can also be provided at a rolled-up level e.g. for weekly management meetings.
  • Easy web access; Access from anywhere from your PC or mobile device. No requirements on the user’s machine other than a reasonably modern web browser.

ReCCORD is delivered as a website deployed on Amazon’s AWS cloud services. It is provided using the “Software-as-a-Service” model where no installation is required by the users (or the users’ IT service). Accord are responsible for providing the service and ensuring it is available when you need it.

ReCCORD is easy to deploy, simple to use and can be tailored to your company’s configurations and requirements. Please contact Accord for further details or to arrange a demonstration.