Aberdeen Riding Club (ARC) Summer Show

Accord Energy Solutions were proud to sponsor the Best Turned Out Aged 17 and over class at this year’s summer show held on 16th August 2014. 

Six Accord Energy Solutions Rosettes were handed out to the riding club members placed 1st to 6th.  Alison Burke with riding school pony Jazz won the Accord sponsored class, with the most amazing mane plait.  For the best turned out class the judge is looking at how smart/clean the horse, tack and rider are.

Alison then went on to win the Best Turned Out Championship class.

This was the second year the club has run the show, over 2 days.  Day 1 is dedicated to club members who ride at ARC but do not own their own horse.  It gives members a chance to experience a competition environment, the time and effort that goes into preparing their pony/horse and themselves for a competition.  The members can choose who they want, which has led to overnight camping to secure their favourite!  Day 2 is dedicated to the members of the club who have their own pony/horse, as they tend to go out competing more regularly.

Each member pays an entry fee for the classes they enter, and last year raised money for RDA (Riding for Disabled).  The Aberdeen branch is run out of ARC.  This year the money raised is going towards the relocation costs for the club moving from its site in Milltimber, before the houses are built!  Fortunately a new site has been secured and the club will move by summer 2016.

Last year’s show was supposed to be a one-off celebration of ARC’s 10th birthday at Oldfold, Milltimber, however, it proved to be so popular with the members that the yard manager agreed to run it again this year.  It takes a lot of organising, over and above their day jobs, so will it run next year?  We’ll have to wait and see.

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