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Scotland's only "from start-up" employee owned company has achieved record turnover.

Accord Energy Solutions recorded £4.3 million in turnover placing the company firmly on track to surpass its goal of reaching the £5 million mark by 2015.

Co-founder and director Alan Spence credited the firm's employee ownership model for its recent success.

He said "When we founded the company we set a goal of recording £5million in turnover by 2015 to mark five years in business. We increased our turnover by 38 per cent in the past year and aim to replicate that growth in the year to come.

"Employee ownership plays a major part in our company's success. Not only do our employees have a financial stake in the company, but they feel valued and have a vested interest in its progress. We just recently appointed two employees, who were elected by their peers to the board of directors. This means staff will have an influence on all major company decisions.

"Employee ownership has created this really virtuous circle for the company".

The chartered scientist said the firm was also looking to nearly double headcount.

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