Transition Services and System Implementation to Support a Growing North Sea Portfolio

UK Client

Robert Sibbald

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Robert Sibbald

Providing transition support and systems as our UK Client builds an asset portfolio

Our UK client recently concluded several acquisitions from other major operators, significantly expanding its portfolio of operated and non-operated assets in the UK North Sea. As a result, it has emerged as one of the top producers in the region.

Accord had detailed working knowledge of several of the assets being acquired and were initially employed by the previous operator to facilitate the transition of these assets to the client. During this transition period, Accord provided support to both the outgoing and incoming operators.

Accord developed comprehensive plans to ensure a seamless transition during the cut-over period, including strategies for managing data, communications, and system processes.

The client required the development of a new Hydrocarbon Accounting System to replace the existing systems being retired. The objective was to create a single system covering production reporting, allocation, and environmental reporting for the whole asset portfolio. A key requirement was that it could be efficiently expanded to support further acquisitions over time.

The client selected EnergySys as the platform for the system and Accord supported delivery of the implementation.


Management of Non-Operated Data

The initial focus was to configure a system to manage large amounts of non-operated data. Managing the capture of key allocation data from a wide range of sources and formats can be time-consuming and prone to data transcription errors. 

Accord configured the system to automatically load and validate data from the third parties and make it available in a structured format. Users could track the status, and version history of each data item, providing the user with a full audit trail of received and processed data. 

Consolidating data into a single system allowed the client to develop corporate dashboards and present a unified picture across their asset portfolio.

Transitioning Operated Assets

Subsequent phases of the project included migrating historical data, implementing allocation calculations and developing reports for the operated asset portfolio.

Highlights of the EnergySys implementation included:

  • Automatic loading of daily non-operated asset production data from approximately 30 fields, from Excel and XML formatted files.

  • Capture of metering / instrument data for operated assets via PI.

  • Capture of offshore sample and analysis data for subsequent regulatory reporting.

  • Capture of offshore tank stocks and available to lift calculations.

  • Repository for Production, Flare and Vent Consents.

  • Daily Loss Assignment calculations.

  • Flare & Vent Categorisations.

  • Daily Allocation calculations for operated assets.

  • Month End Hydrocarbon Account Reporting.

  • Capture of Forecast data and calculation of partner field forecasts.

  • Capture of forecast, estimated and actual sales entitlement of various products at multiple delivery points.

  • Capture of cargo lifting data including Bill of Lading (BOL), parcel details and outturns.

  • Capture of required data to perform Scope 1,2 and 3 environmental calculations across all assets, both offshore and onshore.

  • Calculation of operational control intensity and equity share intensity.

Focusing on Environmental Impact

The client is committed to reducing emissions throughout their portfolio management. They recognise that this requires management of high-quality data in a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Accord implemented the environmental calculations alongside the allocation functions within EnergySys. This consolidates all the input data into a single source of truth and ensures that all reported environmental data has the same measurement focus, auditability, and transparency as the allocation data.

The client uses historic data loaded into the system to baseline carbon intensity and, with forecast data, can actively manage and monitor their carbon intensity performance over time. Once approved, the data is available to corporate dashboards allowing high-level visibility of performance.

An Evolving Picture

The client’s asset portfolio has changed significantly over a relatively short period of time. A key success factor for this project was the ability to adapt and change priorities as high-level business objectives evolved. Accord worked very closely with the client team and delivered a flexible approach, expanding the team as required, and ensured that key business objectives were met throughout the implementation.

Accord continues to work closely with the client by providing day to day support, developing EnergySys, and meeting further business requirements as the client integrates their evolving business requirements.

"Accord had detailed working knowledge of several of the assets being acquired and developed comprehensive plans to ensure a seamless transition during the cut-over period."

Robert Sibbald

Robert Sibbald