Environmental Measurement
& Reporting Expertise

The global oil and gas industry is increasingly focussed on the measurement and, ultimately, the reduction of emissions. As regulatory regimes become progressively more demanding, the capture, calculation and reporting of emissions data becomes a defining feature of operating companies’ business. 

The fundamental challenges in this domain are the same as those we encounter in allocation and hydrocarbon accounting.   

Our expertise is already being brought to bear upon the measurement of flaring and fuel gas consumption.  We have long experience in inferring quantities that are impossible or uneconomic to measure.  Additionally, we are skilled in the uncertainty calculations that may be required – either as input to investment decisions or in support of regulatory reporting. 

Our customers are leveraging their existing investment in hydrocarbon accounting systems to automate and support emissions reporting.  The software platforms in use can readily be extended to meet this additional need. 

Finally, the principles according to which we audit measurement and allocation regimes are directly applicable to reviewing emissions monitoring practices.

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Environmental Reporting, Delivered in Detail

Uncertainty Calculation for Emissions

Applying the core principles of uncertainty analysis to emissions measurement, Accord develops calculations that comply with ETS requirements, reducing the burden during verification activities. 

Emissions Trading Scheme Compliance

Businesses participating in either the EU ETS or the UK ETS must be able to understand their current and future carbon emissions and consistently track these against their available allowances. Accord help clients to confidently monitor, report and forecast their emissions, informing key decision-making on the trading and surrender of allowances. 

CO2 & Methane Emissions

The legislative and regulatory frameworks governing methane emissions are immature compared to those for carbon dioxide.  We believe this will change and are investing in an industry initiative to better calculate combustion efficiency.   We are undertaking a project in collaboration with the Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) in the UK, with the objective of demonstrating that our software Combustor can reliably calculate combustion efficiency – and therefore CO2 and methane emissions –in a range of process and weather scenarios. 

Emissions Insight for Strategic Confidence

A firm grasp on the measurement and forecasting of CO2 and methane emissions has a positive operational impact. This data now appears frequently on corporate dashboards, is subject to external verification and will directly inform high-level decision-making in the years to come as regulations develop and new targets are set. 

Historically, emissions data has been managed using in-house Excel tools which over time, can become difficult to maintain. Our clients are increasingly bringing their hydrocarbon accounting and emissions measurement under the same umbrella. 

This approach brings several advantages, including: 

  • A single source of all production and emissions data for corporate reporting; 
  • Application of the same level of control and audit to emissions data as is in place for hydrocarbon accounting data; 
  • Flexibility and change control when calculations are modified to meet a changing regulatory environment; 
  • Ability to incorporate emissions allocations within the calculations; 
  • Automated generation of the submissions to the verifiers showing the full lifecycle and calculation of all emissions reporting. 

Our projects range from simple provision of production data to environmental systems, through capture of metering data and calculations of emissions quantities and related uncertainties, to generation of annual verification reports. In addition, we support our customers to capture non-operated emissions data, allocate emissions to partners/users and calculate total emissions (including Scope 2 and Scope 3). 

"Environmental management and reporting is an area of ever-increasing focus for our clients as they aim to accurately report and reduce their GHG emissions. Our team has the tools and expertise in measurement, audit, process engineering and system delivery to support them within the evolving regulatory environment."

Rebecca MacKenzie

Rebecca MacKenzie