Strengthening Your Operations Team with Our Specialists

Operational Support from Accord enables our clients in the oil and gas sector to manage their capacity and add specialised experience, as necessary, in key operational areas. We have supported major operators in this way since our first year in business, and it remains a key aspect of our ongoing offering.

Operational Support agreements are client-specific with varying requirements often involving long-term provision of position(s), e.g. Hydrocarbon Accountant or Metering Engineer, embedded within the client’s team. While these staff operate within the client’s organisational structure, we manage the overall availability — ensuring that there is cover in place for annual leave or unplanned absences on client side.

While some clients may simply require additional support for their ongoing operations, others benefit from bringing in particular expertise to assist with a specific project or programme delivery, and our Operational Support service allows them to do this without increasing their in-house head count.

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Operational Support, Delivered in Detail

Scaling Up When Needed

Accord’s Operational Support can offer much-needed bandwidth and specialised resources to clients when delivering specific programmes of work or projects — and we work with clients to plan for temporary additions to the service as required.

Ongoing Task Support

Another option for clients is to utilise our Operational Support resource to handle daily operations tasks, freeing up core staff to focus on specific projects or specialised work, and is often attractive for businesses that need to navigate a particularly busy period without major changes or additions to their staff roster.

Trusted by Major Companies

Since 2010 we have provided Hydrocarbon Accounting and Operational Support services to a variety of oil and gas companies including Apache, Serica, Maersk, CNOOC, Harbour Energy, Ithaca, Spirit, Premier Oil, Shell, BP and INEOS.

Resilience and Insurance for Client Operations

The service can reduce dependency on a single resource, which provides a level of resilience and insurance to the client’s overall hydrocarbon accounting operations. It also increases the possibility of having suitable resources to temporarily add on to the service to assist with larger projects.

In all cases, the client benefits from the scale provided by the Accord team, but also has access to wider expertise.

“Our Ops Support consultants have worked across a wide range of assets but can also access Accord's expertise both in terms of experience and related disciplines.  This allows us to deliver a highly efficient service to our clients bringing best practice and specialist knowledge where required."

Darius Carr

Darius Carr