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Developed in-house by the Accord team and robustly field-tested for a number of years, ReCCORD is a simple-to-use and fully configurable software system that offers logging capability across a range of applications — including metering, project management, support tracking and operational logging.

Cloud-based, flexible and accessible via virtually any web-ready device, the software was initially developed by Accord as a simple metering logbook tool to replace inefficient ‘pen and paper’ records for clients, but has since evolved into an integral part of Accord’s ongoing project work and is in use with a wide variety of clients for whom we provide consultancy work..

Applications include:

  • Operations Log – incident recording, automated shift handover notes, audit trail of actions taken e.g. mismeasurement management

  • Project Delivery Log – issue tracking, action management, project decision recording, work item progress reporting

  • Software Implementation Log – full visibility of bugs and enhancement requests, implementation lifecycle management, test records


Completed and ongoing projects using ReCCORD


Clients using ReCCORD for project management


Clients using ReCCORD for metering logging

ReCCORD — At a Glance

Digitises Your Records

Secure and coherent management of your records offers the opportunity to phase out outdated methods like ‘pen and paper’ logging or spreadsheets. Files can be attached to log items linking supporting documentation (for example screenshots or calibration certificates) to log entries.

Fully Configurable

The software is designed to wrap around your organisation, its structure and workflow. Virtually every aspect of ReCCORD’s front-end can be customised to reflect your team, hierarchies and approach. A fully configurable security model allows you to ensure users see and can update only records which apply to them.

Tracks Changes

Alongside its core logging functionality, ReCCORD automatically logs updates and changes, offering a time-stamped chronology of actions, comments, workflow phases and key project details.

Cloud & Web-Based

The system is fully cloud-based so does not require on-premises installation or storage. ReCCORD is entirely operated via web browser so can be securely accessed via virtually any web-ready device. It also provides facilities to create entries offline and load them into ReCCORD at a later time when internet access is available.

Automation & Reporting

ReCCORD links directly to email for easy management of notifications and reporting. Automated updates and Excel or PDF reports can be run as needed, simplifying ongoing monitoring.

Integration Options

Industry standard components ensure that ReCCORD can be smoothly integrated with other platforms, such as data visualisation tools e.g. Power BI.

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Tracking Projects & Driving Progress

In a project management context, ReCCORD has proven itself to be valuable as both a platform for monitoring ongoing workflow and a tool to stimulate progress and drive project meetings — allowing all participants to view stages, outstanding actions, run reporting and search records as needed.

Accord use ReCCORD on a day-to-day basis, and it’s widely deployed by clients who have engaged us on long-term consultancy agreements. We can also offer ReCCORD as a standalone software package via subscription, which includes tailored support on set-up and configuration.

"ReCCORD offers versatility and simplicity — it can be set up in a couple of hours and configured to your organisation’s structure and workflow approach."

Euain Drysdale

Euain Drysdale