System Delivery
and Stewardship 

Accord deploy small teams with the analytical skills and domain experience that you need. We work collaboratively and we invest in long-term relationships.

Our objective is to deliver and support hydrocarbon accounting systems in context. This means understanding your production infrastructure, as well as the relevant regulatory, commercial and organisational constraints. It means establishing a clear, common understanding of the business activities that the system supports, and it means developing credible, productive relationships with a wide range of stakeholders.

Projects differ. You may have a single field interest, or support a diverse operated portfolio. You may implement only well allocation or address the full hydrocarbon value chain. Finally, you may need acute support during requirements gathering or seek a partner for an end-to-end implementation programme. In all cases, we integrate with your ways of working and support your unique objectives.

Delivering the Value Chain

We have expertise in system delivery across the full range of hydrocarbon accounting-related business activities, as shown below. Each project scope will include some or all of these. Increasingly our clients see their hydrocarbon accounting system as the single source of truth from production metering through to revenue accounting.


Allocation and Environmental



Allocation and Environmental


System Delivery, In Context

Domain Experience

Hydrocarbon Accounting systems are complex. The scope cuts across a number of functions: Operations, Reservoir Engineering, Commercial, Finance, Environmental and Planning. Truly understanding this context is critical to successful delivery. 

Our team consists of over 25 specialists, each with over a decade’s experience of implementing systems in this domain, many substantially more. Our knowledge of numerous regimes and many of the major oil, gas and LNG networks, means our team will be effective quickly and will bring you best practice.

Vendor Neutrality

Independence is important to us and we believe retaining a vendor neutral position best supports our clients. We have experience in implementations on all the main hydrocarbon accounting platforms. 

Most of our system delivery consultants have worked in a range of platforms allowing us to provide an experienced implementation team for your chosen software platform.

Small Teams Deliver

Our experience is that projects are most successful with stable teams working closely with the stakeholder community. Therefore, our approach is always to construct a small, autonomous team who will deliver the project from start to finish. 

Individuals will have responsibility for discrete functional areas across the whole lifecycle, collaborating with the relevant subject matter expert throughout the project.

Supporting Transition

We work closely with our customers during asset acquisitions and divestments, supporting the movement of business processes and related systems. This is specialised work, and we understand the importance of clarity and impartiality when working with multiple stakeholders and to tight timelines. 

Our experience and expertise proves vital in these often complex scenarios.

Audit and Review

We conduct thorough audits of existing systems to ensure systems are delivering within the commercial framework of the agreements. These audits can also provide assurance to operators and partners, identifying cases where improvements can be made or where change may be required. 

These insights support assessment of the longevity of such systems and inform long term plans for stewardship.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We recognise that each project may require a different approach. You might be developing a new asset or acquiring an existing portfolio and may require assistance in mapping out requirements and defining business processes. Other projects may operate in a mature environment and take a simple upgrade path. 

The capacity of the end users to contribute will vary, requiring more or less support during the project. In all cases, we align with your key objectives and provide the right team to deliver.

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Environmental & Emissions Reporting

As energy transition progresses, business targets for environmental performance and specialised markets emerge around emissions, renewables and carbon capture, well-scoped, robust and effective systems have never been more important. Increasingly, clients are seeking advice on how to configure systems for environmental reporting and emissions trading enterprises, for example — and we are well-equipped to support on this basis.

The major system vendors are also turning their attention to these areas and developing new tools and platform features accordingly, and we can guide clients to find the best system for their structure, assets and aims. You can learn more about this fast-changing sector on our Environmental page.

“Articulating the intent of a computer system, and agreeing the real-world processes that it will support, lay the best foundation for long-term value.  Our experience and domain knowledge position us perfectly to do both.”

James Arthur

James Arthur