Full Service Consultancy 

for Metering 

& Measurement

Sound and robust measurement processes are integral to protecting the value of production operations. A business-critical requirement that has a direct impact on the operational decisions, partnerships and contractual agreements that ultimately drive revenue.

Accord’s measurement consultants support all aspects of measurement activity, providing solutions from conception through to operation. This can range from uncertainty studies and cost-benefit analysis to support the measurement selection process, providing advice and guidance on the most appropriate technology to use, system installation, operation, maintenance, calibration and audit.

Our independent, experienced team have worked directly on both the consultancy and operator side of metering and measurement processes — we know the regulatory requirements, we understand the key challenges and we 'speak your language’.

Metering & Measurement, Delivered in Detail

System Design & Selection

Our early involvement with projects will define system/equipment requirements which will comply with regulatory and contractual obligations. We will work with the key stakeholders to establish measurement and allocation principles, turn legislation into meaningful actions that help reduce CapEx and ultimately, OpEx.

Measurement Uncertainty

We perform uncertainty analyses at both the project conceptual design phase and through the operational phases of a development, to meet front-end requirements and adapt to changes in process conditions when in operation.

Technical and Engineering Solutions

The Accord team has extensive experience working on ‘brownfield’ projects where existing systems require close evaluation to inform decision-making. We provide ongoing support to clients, remotely or on site, and offer training, guidance, audit and honest advice to solve complex measurement problems.

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Partnerships, Stakeholders & Measurement Compliance

Multi-party contracts involving various partners are commonplace in the oil and gas industry, and properly designed measurement and allocation systems are crucial for protecting investments and revenue. Accord consultants work with commercial management teams to develop the most appropriate measurement and allocation frameworks that can be managed and supported efficiently for the life of field.

Accord’s ‘full service’ measurement consultancy capability means we can help clients to navigate these often complex scenarios. We are well-equipped to advise on everything from the practical measurement infrastructure, to the overarching management processes, and how adjustments can be made to ensure compliance and successful allocation across the entire partnership.

“We offer clients sound, independent advice on their measurement applications. Our team understands how important delivery is and our motivation to deliver projects and solutions for clients never wavers.”

Alan Elphinstone

Alan Elphinstone