A Specialist Team with Client-Side Experience

Our independent team of over 40 experts is highly qualified and experienced in the technical, mathematical, and business domain aspects of hydrocarbon accounting in the global energy sector.

The Accord team has extensive experience in consultancy within major operators and service companies. This means that our understanding of client operations is based on real-life experience and long-standing relationships across the industry.

Using a rigorous mathematical approach and a drive to deliver high quality projects, Accord’s expertise is a significant asset to our clients at every stage of a project.

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Dedicated Partners, Together

Founded in mid-2010 by Alan Spence, Phil Stockton and James Arthur, Accord Energy Solutions is an independent, specialist hydrocarbon accounting consultancy with offices in the UK and Australia. Our founding directors came directly from senior roles in the busy and ever-changing consultancy industry.

In Accord, they were determined to build a business with stability and staying power — one that would reward the dedication of both clients and staff.

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Our Products

Accord have created a set of cost-effective, robust, cloud-based software solutions to meet specific requirements in the allocation domain of the energy industry. In developing these, we collaborate with specialist professionals, research organisations and academic institutions to bring together a wealth of experience and novel thinking.

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