Environmental Reporting for the SAGE Terminal

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Emma Cranna

Environmental Implementation including UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

The SAGE (Scottish Area Gas Evacuation) Terminal, operated by SAGE North Sea Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ancala Midstream, transports and processes gas from fields in the Northern and Central North Sea and Norwegian Continental Shelf. Gas is redelivered into the grid at St Fergus and NGLs are redelivered to Shippers at the INEOS Forties Pipeline System and Shell's SEGAL system.

Annual verification and submission of UK ETS data requires a management of large data sets and transparent presentation of the calculations performed. This was previously handled in a suite of spreadsheets which had become difficult to support and control.

Ancala recognised a significant overlap between the data used for allocation and the data needed for the ETS process. Accord had previously implemented an EnergySys system for the allocation which could be easily extended to support the calculations needed for corporate and ETS reporting. In 2022, Accord were engaged to deliver the configuration of the system in time for the ETS verification process.

Accord implemented an emissions management module to:

  • pull in additional PI metering data which could be validated on a daily or monthly basis
  • automatically load external files e.g. lab data
  • calculate, validate and store all emissions quantities and associated uncertainties
  • prepare tables for submission to UK ETS
  • provide a full annual audit log for review in the verification process
  • support provision of the emissions data for corporate dashboards.


Building on existing processes

The data contained within the HA system was already being monitored, verified and where required, underwent a rigorous mismeasurement process within the system. The new approach was able to take advantage of existing validation processes and use a single source of truth.

Transparency for audit

The system delivers fully transparent calculation modules essential for the UK ETS process. The file can be downloaded and show the full trace of data from PI load (or other) through to calculated values on the annual submission.

Change control

The current regulatory regime is undergoing a significant period of change and new requirements are likely to develop each year. Accord’s approach to implementation provides rigorous change control over the calculations but can be easily extended to support changes to the submission in future years.

Maximising Return on Investment

The fundamental requirements for environmental reporting are the same as those needed for allocation. Implementing the emissions calculations within the same system reduces the need for interfaces to be built and re-use many parts of the system functionality already configured for the allocation.

We bring standard practices and methods to clients, whilst adapting to meet the specific challenges of each asset and associated regulatory reporting regime.

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