Hydrocarbon Accounting System for a Large Multi-Asset Operated Portfolio

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Tamara Thomson

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Tamara Thomson

Rationalising and Simplifying HAPR Portfolio

Following a series of significant acquisitions and an ongoing exploration and appraisal program within the North Sea, our client’s hydrocarbon accounting and production reporting (HAPR) landscape was being managed across a number of legacy systems.

In 2019, work began to replace the existing systems on the EnergySys platform, providing a single source of truth for HAPR operated and non-operated data reporting and analysis.

Phase 1 – Pilot — NOV 2019 - JUN 2021
Phase 2 – Remaining Offshore Asset Integration — JUL 2021 - MAY 2022
Phase 3 – Pipeline Allocation — JUN 2022 - MAR 2023
Phase 4 – Oil Terminal — MAR 2023 - Q4 2024


Proof of Concept

Accord established a small team who provided both domain knowledge and EnergySys implementation expertise.  The initial focus was the successful delivery of a pilot system hosting the most critical business asset. This proof of concept delivered on the key aims of: 

  • Reduction in the number of applications and interfaces;

  • Increased automation and reduced manual effort;

  • Increased confidence in data access, security and integrity.

This provided our client with confidence in the Accord delivery model and that continuing with the phased approach would deliver the long-term benefits required.

A Trusted Partner in Times of Change

Throughout Phase 2, Accord worked closely with the client to integrate the remaining North Sea assets into the new system. Each new asset added to the scope of the system which now covers:

  • Annual, Monthly and Weekly Forecasting;

  • Capture of metering data;

  • Field and Well production allocation;

  • Production losses;

  • Daily Platform Operational reporting;

  • Integration to PI, Environmental & Regulatory reporting systems.

This was achieved during a period of change within both the asset portfolio and the organisational structure. During this time, Accord were able to react swiftly to changing business priorities and support decision making as resources took up their new roles. 

This provided a point of stability and continued progress in an evolving environment.

Identifying Efficiencies in Cost and Service

Phase 3 resulted in delivery of a greatly simplified version of a pipeline allocation system. Analysis found that much of the existing system functionality was obsolete. Therefore, the replacement system was constructed as a data repository and source of simple tariff reporting. 

This reduced both the cost of implementation and the complexity of the service provided by the 3rd party operator.

Moving Forward Together

Accord continues to work closely with our client providing day to day support for the system and implementing changes as the business need evolves.

Accord provide a stable team who can access a wide range of expertise across the hydrocarbon accounting domain. The client has a trusted partner who provides stewardship of the application and who continues to identify opportunities for improvements and cost savings.

“Accord provides a stable team who can access a wide range of expertise across the hydrocarbon accounting domain. This ensures that our client have a trusted partner providing stewardship of the application whilst identifying opportunities for improvement and cost saving.”

Tamara Thomson

Tamara Thomson